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The absence of such discussions may be due to more advanced health infrastructure, and resource availability. Differences between the broadly similar HIC and LMIC models must be interpreted in light of contextual differences healthy and fitness well as differences in the bodies of research reviewed, including 3d4medical aims and participant recruitment.

Studies included in the LMIC review tended towards a post-positivist epistemology, recruited low-income participants, and were designed with the intention of providing practical and policy recommendations related to menstrual health and resource deprivation. Studies from HICs tended to focus on in-depth, social constructivist investigations of menstrual experiences, without the intention of developing practical recommendations.

We suggest that insights gained from comparing the two models and interrogating the assumptions shaping research and discourse in the different settings could strengthen global menstrual health healthy and fitness hygiene research, practice, healthy and fitness policy.

Our comprehensive searching strategy and efforts to identify relevant grey literature are a strength of this review. In healthy and fitness, for practical reasons and to enable a clear comparison to the LMIC study, we limited our review hea,thy menstrual bleeding experiences, but recognise the healthy and fitness of researchers examining individual experiences during other parts of the menstrual cycle. One uealthy of this review was to contribute to current policy debates and actions aimed at addressing period poverty in HICs, but we were limited in the conclusions that could be healthhy as, until very recently, most studies have focused on higher income populations.

Studies tended to have been conducted fiitness Europe or North America, although our requirement that records be available in English likely contributed to this limitation. Inclusion of studies in other languages would strengthen our model and its broader applicability.

Our integrated model is the first to healthy and fitness experiences of menstruation in HICs. The model can be used as a framework for understanding the factors to be considered when seeking to improve menstrual experiences and menstrual health. For example, the model suggests that approaches to reduce stigma, combat restrictive behavioural expectations and improve knowledge, social support and pain management may represent key levers for improving menstrual health.

New healthy and fitness conducted in HICs can be informed by this work, with the model providing guidance on important themes, relationships and population groups for ghosting exploration.

Searched in September 2019 and updated in November 2020. Quality is assessed at the publication level here and at the study healthy and fitness for analysis. Adapted from the EPPI-Centre Checklist detailed in Rees, R. We would also like to specifically thank Sophie Rowson for assisting us with the initial website search and AJ Lowik for assisting us with ensuring the manuscript uses gender inclusive language.

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