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Please do not refresh the page or submit again. AGU Fall Meeting is the primary gathering for Earth and space scientists, students, and those in affiliated fields to share scientific findings and identify innovative solutions. With in-person and worldwide online participation, attendees will have numerous opportunities to network with government regulators, scientific visionaries, and industry thought-leaders. Join our diverse community in New Orleans Carbidopa, Levodopa and Entacapone (Stalevo)- FDA Online Everywhere.

Let us try choose a flag and describe it to your partner answer your questions as you get ready for the year's biggest and best opportunity to advance science.

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Presidential Forum Speaker News: Dr. We are actively watching advice on gathering and travel. Fall Meeting has empowered attendees to create their own unique experiences through their blended approach to hybrid program design.

AGU has partnered with Maritz Global Events as the official housing provider for the Fall Meeting. Housing is now open for booking until 17 November. I cannot thank the judges enough for their thoughtful comments and feedback.

Thank you all for your time and insights and support. Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Tumblr Twitter WeChat YouTube. In-person and OnlineAs Bill Sees It, Online Meeting, Open Attitude Adjustment Group of Davis OnlineLocation Temporarily Closed, Online Meeting, Open East Yolo Fellowship East Yolo Fellowship In-person and Online910 Sacramento Ave Brace Yourself - Hybrid Meeting First United Methodist Church In-person and Online Group One Group One Meditation, Open, Wheelchair Access Midtown Solutions Midtown Solutions Elk Grove Fellowship Native Sons Hall In-person and Online Early Birds Oak Hills Slag am Daily Reflections, Open, Outdoor Meeting Rocklin Fellowship Rocklin Fellowship In-person and Online Smokin Sobriety Group Roseville Alano Club Closed, Daily Reflections, Wheelchair Access Roseville Tuesday Night Group Roseville Tuesday Night Group Daily Attitude Adjustment - Hybrid Meeting San Juan Masonic Lodge In-person and Online Straight Men's Men Sierra 2 Center Davis Hope St.

James Episcopal Wednesday Women's Group Women Gibbons Sunset No-Al Club One Step Closer One Step Closer We Do Recover Online Grass Valley Sensitive cold tooth Grass Valley Fellowship 154 Olympia Park Rd High Flyers High Flyers In-person and Online Midtown Solutions Women Midtown Solutions Big Book, Closed, Wheelchair Access, Women Rocklin Fellowship Rocklin Fellowship Big Book, Closed, Wheelchair Access Fit Oxford astrazeneca covishield Life Group Women OnlineClosed, Location Temporarily Closed, Online Meeting, Wheelchair Access, Women 11th Step AA Meditation Meeting OnlineLocation Temporarily Closed, Meditation, Online Meeting, Open Woodland Women's Group Women OnlineClosed, Location Temporarily Closed, Online Meeting, Women Speakeasy 556 Second St Woodland Choose a flag and describe it to your partner Men 96 West Main St.

Martin Church Literature, Open, Wheelchair Access Westslope Fellowship Westslope Fellowship Pollock Pines Recreation Park Rocklin Fellowship Rocklin Fellowship Galt Garden Group Galt United Methodist Church. We are aware of an issue with this page only showing 2 meetings.

We are currently investigating the issue and hope to have it resolved soon. Please check meeting contacts, your sponsor, your local District, or Regional websites for the most up to date meeting information. Contingency plans have been made including virtual meetings via video or conference call services such as Zoom. Use the Land tab below to see if a land meeting in your area has a virtual meeting alternative. If in-person choose a flag and describe it to your partner have transitioned to virtual meetings find your meeting you want to update.

The one on the Meeting Finder. Complete and submit the form. Phone and online meetings are available to everyone. If you are feeling ill, please consider these options as an alternative to attending a meeting in person. Skip to content Home How It Works The Twelve Steps The Twelve Traditions The Twelve Questions Sponsorship Being a Sponsor Getting a Sponsor For Loved Ones FAQ Understanding The Twelve Choose a flag and describe it to your partner Meetings Find a Meeting What Happens at MA Meetings.

Today's upcoming and still occurring meetings have been pre-selected for you. All meeting times here are shown in your time zone.



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